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Visas for Canada

No matter what VISA you are applying for, you can rest assured your application will be in great hands at Akhtar Immigration.

Visitor Visa

To visit Canada, you must have a valid travel document, such as a passport; be in good health; satisfy an immigration officer that you have ties, such as a job, home, financial assets and family, that will take you back to your country of origin. Moreover, you must satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit; and have enough money for your stay. The amount of money you will need can vary with the circumstances of the visit, how long you will stay and whether you will stay in a hotel, with friends, or relatives.

VISA: Visitor
VISA: Student

Student Visa

To be eligible to study in Canada you must have been accepted by a school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada. In addition, you must prove that you have enough money to pay for your tuition fees, living expenses for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada, and return transportation for yourself and any family members who come with you to Canada. Also, you must be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not be a risk to the security of Canada. You may have to provide a police certificate. You must be in good health and willing to complete a medical examination, if necessary. You must satisfy an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay.

VISA: Work

Work Visa

If you want to work in Canada, you must understand the following information:

Your employer may need to get a labour market opinion (LMO) from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC). An LMO confirms that there is no Canadian permanent resident available, and the employer can fill the job with a foreign worker. Some jobs do not require an LMO. Find out if you need one first.

You must meet the general requirements for entering the country, for staying in Canada and for getting a work permit. This means you may also need a temporary resident visa. A work permit is not an immigration document. It does not allow you to live in Canada permanently. Your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children may apply to come to Canada with you.

Super Visa

To apply for the Parent Grandparent Super Visa, you must be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada; be found admissible to Canada; and meet certain other criteria. You cannot include dependents in this application. Only your spouse or common-law partner is eligible to accompany you under this provision. Visa officers consider several factors before deciding if a person is admissible. The person must be a genuine visit to Canada.

VISA: Super
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