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Refugee Claims

Feel safe in Canada

To claim refugee in Canada, a person or family group has to demonstrate that they fear persecution and/or would be in danger if they come back to their home country. Some dangers they may face include torture, risks to their life and the risk of cruel/unusual treatment or punishment.

If you are under one or more of these risks in your home country, you may seek protection in Canada as a refugee.

Refuge & Asylum


​In Refugee / Asylum claims we will:

  • Properly advise the client about their  PIF / Narrative and that the facts must be consistent and credible.

  • Do all of the relevant research in regards to country conditions.

  • Ensure the client can establish a genuine fear of persecution.

  • Establish a lack of state protection and no reasonable flight alternative in the country clients have claimed asylum from.

  • Ensure that all necessary conference calls to witnesses involved have been properly arranged so that they can give effective supporting evidence of the applicant’s claim.

For more information about eligibility, please contact us or visit the Government of Canada

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