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Express Entry

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will launch a new system called “Express Entry” starting January 2015. This route to Permanent Residency is an electronic system and hopes to meet current and future labour market needs of the country.

This program hopes to attract skilled workers around the world who are interested in immigrating to Canada. Some of the improvements to Canadian immigration via Express Entry, include quicker processing times, opening up spots to more applicants from different fields, and a greater focus on screening the quality of applications.

NOTE: Applicants currently in the system or awaiting processing will not be transferred to Express Entry. Applicants who have already applied to an existing Canadian immigration program will need to apply separately for Express Entry to be considered under this program.

Applicants should complete a profile and submit information about their work experience, language ability, education and other relevant details. Profiles of all applicants will be ranked and those meeting the required criteria or with qualified offers of employment will then be selected to apply for Permanent Residence. Applicants without a job offer must register with Government of Canada’s Job Bank.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada states they hope to process the majority of applications within six months.

If applicants are selected they must submit an online application for permanent residence through one of the following programs within 60 days:

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