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Visit Canada for business or leisure on visitor visa!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Over 14 million international visitors chose to explore Canada in 2016. It has always been popular with tourists for its unique and unforgettable experiences and hence has won the award for Lonely Planet’s Best Destination for 2017. If you are looking to visit Canada you may require a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) unless you are from a visa exempt country and have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

The basic documents required for Temporary Resident Visa

  • You must have a valid passport

  • Proof of funds for your stay in Canada

  • An Invitation letter (if possible)

  • Proof to show your ties in your own country such as job letter, financial assets etc.

Single entry and multiple entry visa

A visa could be single entry or multiple entries stamped on your passport. Both have an expiry date and are valid for a fixed period of time.

A single entry visa allows an individual to enter Canada only once. The individual will have to apply for the visa again in order to gain entry on another visit.

The multiple entry visa permits an individual to visit and leave Canada for 6 months at a time. The validity of the multiple entry visa is maximum 10 years or till the expiry of the passport.

What is the length of stay on visitor visa/TRV?

Generally a maximum of six-month period is allowed to stay in Canada on a visitor visa/TRV. However on the port of entry the Border Service Officer will determine how long you can stay.

Incase you wish to prolong your stay once in Canada an extension can be applied for. Remember the extension can be applied for 30 days before the end of your authorized stay.

If an extension of visa is awaited and the current visitor status has expired does one need to return?

No! Incase your visitor visa expired while the extension of visa is awaited you will be under ‘Implied Status’ till the final decision is made on your visa renewal.

How simple is it to get a Visitor visa or TRV?

Though the application process seems fairly simple, but with the help of an immigration expert one has a better chance to get a positive result for a visitor visa. Due to lack of proper documents, small errors and no correct guidance a lot of applications get rejected. Hence it’s always a good idea to get professional help.

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