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  • Amir Akhtar

Top 5 Immigration Tips for Immigrating to Canada

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Here are well researched immigration tips…

  • Be prepared: Why do you want to immigrate? What do you know about Canada? Chances are these are the very questions an Immigration Officer might ask you. You will have to present convincing answers and not some vague responses. Do your research, have a few facts and figures on hand e.g. low crime rates, quality of education, equal-opportunity employment. Have a high-level plan of action in place on what you intend to do when you do immigrate. For instance, find a place to live, register my kids in school, obtain required documents, find employment etc. Also acquire some rudimentary knowledge about Canadian Geography, and its Government.

  • DO NOT LIE: Well meaning friends or ill-advised consultants might encourage you to lie or even falsify or forge documents. Steer clear of such people. Yes, there might be instances where you do not have a work reference or an education certificate. Just state the simple fact that you do not possess the document and are unable to obtain it. Immigration Officers are well-trained to spot red herrings.

  • English and/or French preparedness: Ensure you have a good grasp over English or French. You must be able to understand, speak, read and write either one of these two official languages.

  • Have your documentation ready: Ensure all your documents are ready and can be submitted on time if required. Keep copies of all necessary documents and official correspondence.

  • Check credentials of people you might hire to represent you: Generally its better to hire an Immigration Counsel to represent you. That being said, also bear in mind, not everyone may have the required knowledge or expertise to guide you and successfully lead you through the process. Always check credentials and references.

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